Periyar Tiger Reserve - Community Based Ecotourism Programmes : Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady, is an example of nature’s bounty, with great scenic charm, rich bio diversity and providing veritable visitor satisfaction. Sprawled over an area of 777 Sq .km., Periyar is one of the 27 tiger reserves in India. People oriented and park centred community based ecotourism is the hallmark of Periyar Tiger Reserve. These programmes are conducted by local people responsible for the surveillance of the vulnerable parts of the reserve.
Timings: 6am to 6pm

NOTE: For all activities at Periyar Tiger Reserve, guests should report at least 5 minutes prior to schedule timings. Tickets are not refundable in case of late report or last minute cancellation.

Nature Walk & Green Walk: Different nature trails traversing diverse habitats form the trekking routes, generally 4 to 5 km in length. This is a 3 hours interpretive programme offering excellent opportunity to watch birds, butterflies and other wildlife. The trails often pass through evergreen and moist deciduous forests interspersed with marshy grasslands.
Timings: 7 am & 7.30am, 10 am&10.30am, 2pm & 2.30pm
Maximum 5 persons per group per trek
Should leave from the hotel 45 min. before.

Junglescout : This programme is part of the regular night patrolling in the fringe eco-development zones of the tiger reserve. By participating in this, one is actually helping in the protection of the forests of Periyar. Persons having proper physical and mental fitness to trek through the wilderness in the night could take the 3 hours trekking. Two protection watchers and one-armed forest guard will accompany them! Try the limits of your senses-sight, hearing and smell and take in the very different world of nocturnal jungle life.
Timings: 7 pm, 10 pm, 1 am
Maximum 5 persons per group per trek
Should leave from the hotel 45 min before.

Border Hiking: This is a conservation oriented hard trek taking up a full day. The trekking starts at 8 o’ clock in the morning and ends in the evening.  The route passes through undulating terrains. Altitudinal ranges of 900 meters to 1300 meters will be covered and the trekkers could glimpse the lofty escarpments bordering the park watershed and the vast plains down below. Gaur, sloth bear, elephant, etc. are often sighted along this route apart from birds and butterflies. The trekkers will go with two guides and an armed forest guard. Vegetarian refreshments can be had en route.
Timings: 8am to 5pm
Maximum 5 persons per group per trek
Should leave from the hotel 45 min before.

Cloud Walk : Three hour trek to the Kurushumala hills, guided by the tribal guides. This also involves trek through the forest and tribal village visit.

Timings: In between 7am to 3pm

Bamboo Rafting On Periyar Lake: This is a dawn to dusk range hiking and rafting programme through some of the richest forest tracts of Periyar Tiger Reserve. Starting at 8 am from the boat landing, a mosaic of habitats will be traversed before the party gets into rafts made of bamboos. The forests are rich in bird life and arboreal animals like giant squirrel and Nilgiri langur. The rafting is for about three hours and one gets a panoramic view of forest-clad hills reflected on the lake. Animals like elephant, gaur and sambar are sighted keeping close to the edges of the lake. The team hitchhikes back to the boat landing by about 5 pm. An armed guard and 4 guides will accompany a maximum of 10 persons. Tea, snacks and packed lunch will be served en route.
Timings: 8 am to 5pm (Reporting time is 7:45am at Boat landing)
Should leave from the hotel by 7.15 am.

Bullock Cart Ride
Visit the farmlands and the slow pace of the village life hidden in the valley behind the mountains of Periyar Tiger Reserve in a bullock cart.  The village is rich in bird diversity. With vineyards, diverse agricultural crops of mangoes, tamarind, onions, sunflower, jasmine and a score of other vegetables, the village will astound you when the guides start to interpret how farming has woven delicately with the culture and the life of the natives. Conducted by a group of people who were engaged in sandalwood smuggling, later surrendered before the Forest Department .The profit from this programme goes to rehabilitate this group of people.
Timings: 6:00 am (pick-up time from the hotel) to 2:00 pm
Maximum 7 persons per trip

Tribal Village Visiting : The Programme involves mainly the tribal museum visit and trekking through the tribal hamlet situated within the periphery of Periyar Tiger Reserve accompanied by a tribal guide.
Mannans are among the oldest indigenous group of people to inhabit Periyar Tiger Reserve. Till as late as 1940’s, they used to live in the remotest areas of the tiger reserve eking out a simple living by fishing in the lake and cultivating a few crops. A tribal heritage museum built inside the Mannan settlement featuring various types of artefacts related to their ancient agricultural practices, marriage ceremonies, cultural events, dress code, rituals and death ceremonies is the hub of this ecotourism programme..
Timings: 8 am to 4 pm (1hour)
Should leave from the hotel 20 minutes before.

Boat Cruise On Periyar Lake : Timings: 7.30am, 10am, 11:30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm
If the ticket is not booked, then should leave from the hotel at least 1 & half hour before the scheduled time of the boating during season (October to March).

Spice Plantation Tours (Around 1 hour) :
Timings: 9am till 5pm
Should leave from the hotel 15 minutes before.

Elephant ride in spice plantation : Half hour with Elephant, including  ride, photo session etc. 
Two and Half hour with Elephant (150 min) - 30 minutes ride in the spice plantation, elephant bath, timber dragging (demo), feeding.
Should leave from the hotel 15 minutes before.

Kathakali : Kathakali is a dancing theatre created, some 300 years ago, out of 1000 year old traditions. Kathakali has attracted great directors, actors and storytellers into Kerala for many years.
October to March: two shows daily
Timing: 7 pm
Should leave from the hotel 20 minutes. before

Kalarippayattu : Kalarippayattu is a martial art originated in ancient South India. Kung-fu, popularized by the monks of Shoaling Temple traces its ancestry to Bodhi Dharma, an Indian Buddhist monk and Kalarippayattu master.
Show Timings Daily: 6 Pm to 6.45 Pm

Tea Factory Visit :
Timings: 9am to 4pm
Should leave from the hotel 40 minutes before

Jeep Safari -GAVI (40 KM) - Eco Tourism Programmes From Kerala Forest Development Corporation Ltd : Gavi programme involves a close interaction with the flora and fauna of the Western Ghats, and provides excellent trails through the midst of the evergreen forests to the camping sites at Meaner and Valley view. The trails passes through dense patches of forests where even at mid-day sunlight struggles to penetrate, where Elephants roam free, and where truly man meets nature in all its majesty and glory.
After crossing Periyar Tiger Reserve by jeep early morning, breakfast will be served at Gavi’s forest lodge, followed by a jungle trekking for three hours .Spices plantation visit can be provided according to the convenience of the guests either before lunch or after . There will be a short interval for rest and boating in the Gavi or Kochupampa Lake will be the final event. The programme will end with evening tea
Timings: 6 am to 4 pm
The Jeep will arrive at the hotel for picking up the guest at 5.30am.

Vantage Views : Chellarkovil (15 km): This sleepy little village with its breathtaking view of the plains and cascading waterfalls is a feast for eyes.

Grampi (28 km): Grampi is also known as Eagle rock because of the panoramic view from its high peaks. Rock plains, lush hillside, forests and picturesque views lend charm to this destination.

In House Activity

Shalimar Plantation Tour :
Inside Shalimar Spice Garden, you will be able to find many spices and some ayuverdic plants. The coffee you drink, as well as the pepper and cardamom you taste at the restaurant  are fresh ground from our spice plantation. Call Reception for bookings, they will be pleased to guide you.

Shalimar Nature Walk : Starting from Shalimar Spice Garden this walk is one big nature walk where in the beginning you will go through narrow pathways, then through a little more open vegetation and finally you will walk on the outskirts of Murikkadi, the village surrounding Shalimar Spice Garden.
Degree:little below medium / Duration: 45 mins – 1.15hrs.
Please ask Reception for the leaflet.

Shalimar Panorama Walk : Around Shalimar Spice Garden, this walk mainly covers unpaved roads between spice fields & other crops and working man area’s. It includes some very beautiful panoramas with even a view into Tamil Nadu.
Degree: medium / Duration: 1.15 hrs – 1.45 hrs.
Please ask Reception for the leaflet.

Full Day Excursions

MADURAI (City of temples) :
Main attraction is the Meenakshi Temple, South India biggest temple; also you can visit different small temples as well as Madurai is an ideal place for shopping. On the way back you can see the Vaiga Dam also vegetable farm, vineyards, etc.
(150 km, one way drive approximate 3&half hours)

MUNNAR HILL STATION : Mattuppetty- Beautiful picnic spot & Boating facilities on the Mattupetty reservoir.
Echo Point - Scenic Spot
Kundala Dam – Picturesque place- artificial dam with pedal boating facility
Top Station –Panoramic view of neighbouring states.
Devikulam Hill Station – Aerial view of green carpet tea plantation.
Power House Waterfalls – View of excellent waterfalls.

Iduki Dam : India’s Biggest Arch Dam opens only for 15 days during Onam Holidays (August/September). Boating facilities are also available.


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